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                                              The Philosophy on Success
                                                    If you think of failure, you will fail;
                                                  If you do not have the determination to win, no success will come;
                                                  Even if you think of victory, the victory will not smile at you as long as the word of failure appears in your mind.

                                                  If you do not work hard, you will fail;
                                                  We found in the nature, the success originate from the human consciousness.
                                                  Everything is up to human mental state.

                                                  If you think of lagging behind, you will lag behind;
                                                  If you want a promotion,
                                                  Before the success, you must have the belief that I can do.
                                                  The life achievements do not only depend on the mighty and speed.
                                                  So the last winner is,
                                                  The one who firmly believe that I can do