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                                                  HLWZB-10 On-post Wattless Auto Compensation Device is applicable to 50Hz power systems of voltage no higher than 10kV. The device is mainly composed of a capacitor with discharge resistance, an on/off switch, an automatic controller, transformer and case etc., making real-time parameter acquisitions of voltage, current, power factor and wattless power etc. On the basis of the changed wattless voltage in the line, automatically switch on and off the capacitor to compensate the wattless power to improve line voltage.
                                                  The controller uses man-machine interface made up of high performance microprocessor and LED digital tube, being able to display the real-time data of lines. The operation parameters can be modified at any time. It has functions of capacitor switching on and off, data statistics compiling and saving. And it has the protection functions of over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, rapid breaking and phase loss. All operations can be realized by the background computer program.